Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama Shelves Immigration Reform Until 2010. Maybe.

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, left, and his Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna hand a plaque to a a federal police officer during a ceremony at the Federal Police headquarters in Mexico City, Friday, Aug. 7, 2009.

Illegal immigrants expecting President Barack Obama to tackle Immigration Reform will have to wait in line until he overhauls the Health Sector and regularises the financial slump that has destabalised the American economy.

"I've got a lot on my plate and it's very important for us to sequence these big initiatives so they don't crash at the same time," he said.

The president made the announcement in Guadalajara, Mexico, when he addressed the North American Summit, earlier today. He said while immigration reform was important other priorities such as his health care overhaul and financial regulation would be tackled first.

Not a welcome decision for millions of immigrants who had rallied around Obama while on the hustings.With his popularity slipping away, the decision to shelve immigration talks until 2010, will seem like a heated slap in the face for the expectant illegals. And that too is not certain, especially, with the negative wave rising up against his plan to revamp health care. But what about the financial sector? Who is to say the president's plan could pull it back on track by 2010, a mere four months away.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Silly Science

Where do Socks go When You Can't Find Them?

Silly Science is what I call it. Though kooky it seeks to provide answers to everyday mysteries that occur at your fingertips. It's up to you to believe or disprove it. Do you dare?
So why do socks disappear and where do they go?
No, they don't get stuck under the bed or eaten by the dog or get lost in the shoe closet. They disappear into a miniature black hole created by the dryer. Surprised? So am I. But that's the experts explanation, not mine, so don't jump on my throat. Like you, I am learning, too.
I stumbled upon the wacky explanation in an article by MSNBC Science Editor Alan Boyle. I am not disputing the conclusion, mind you, I just think it's out of this world wild. And can't help being curious about the socks that kept disappearing at my home. Wonder where they are now?
At the end of each laundry day, there would be one side to almost every pair of socks in the house, and many times I ended up wearing two different sides of white socks, rolled down to the ankle, so classmates wouldn't notice. Those wayward socks could not have disappeared into a black hole. We had no washing machine or dryer in the house. My aunt laboured over a scrubbing board to get them clean. Now where in God's name are those darn socks? Under the tub, maybe, or hidden in a black hole among the rust in the bottom of the tub. Hmmmmm...

Cutlass Attack Hurts Tobago Tourism?

Trinidad no Safer

Did the attack on British couple Peter and Murium Green hurt tourism on the sunny isle, Tobago?
Perhaps. Tourists may be wary of visiting due to the upsurge in attacks on foreigners, especially those who have purchased properties on the Caribbean island. And with personal safety at risk they may opt for safer ports.
But what about the sister isle, Trinidad? Already tainted by spiralling murders, kidnappings and robberies, Carnival may very well be the only attraction for tourists. And that too, if the crime spree continues to increase may not be enough to woo them, to the island in the future.
Tourism Minister Joseph Ross agrees that the upsurge in crime in Tobago, a popular tourist retreat is impacting negatively on the island.
He assures that the police are tracking every lead to catch the persons who attacked and chopped the Greens at their holiday home in Bacolet, Tobago.

Read it here:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Train Robber Released to Die

$50 Million Stolen in Heist of The Century

It was in August, 1963, that Ronnie Biggs and a gang of thieves held up and robbed a Glasgow to London mail train of 2.6 million pounds - the equivalent of more than $50 million today. The bedridden 80-year-old robber was released from prison yesterday, sent home to die. He is being fed through a tube.Over the years Biggs had several strokes and a broken hip.

Dubbed the "heist of the century," the gang was hunted down and arrested. Biggs was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but climbed over a wall and escaped two years later. He fled to Brazil. In 2001, he returned to Britain and surrendered to police. This time, he was locked up in Belmarsh, a high security prison in london.

Last month, after serving ten years of his sentence, he came up for parole. Britain's Justice Secretary Jack Straw overruled the Parole Board's recommendation that Biggs be released stating that he had shown no remorse for his crime.

Yesterday Straw said he had released Biggs on compassionate grounds, after he fell seriously ill during the week.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Propofol Killed MJ, Trini Doctor Under Scrutiny

It's beginning to look like Dr. Conrad Murray killed the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Evidence that he gave Jackson propofol, a strong anesthetic, sometime after midnight, hours before the singer collapsed and died, has been unearthed by investigators, according to an AP news source.

Could it have been accidental? Only he knows. And why was a drug only used at hospitals found in MJ's home? Money can certainly buy anything and it may have bought the King of Pop his death. Propofol, it has been said, is not the only drug he has taken. Over the years he had progressed through a long list of prescription drugs to ease his pain and to help him sleep.

What happens next? Will Dr. Murray, 51, be arrested for manslaughter? Although he has been identified in court papers as a subject of a manslaughter investigation, police said he was not a suspect. Isn't that a contradiction?

Like Keith Smith said in his column, all Trinis, including myself, are waiting for the shoe to fall. They're feeling the pressure, because Dr. Murray, while not Trini by birth, has become known worldwide, as the Trinidadian doctor suspected of killing MJ. Whatever the outcome, the stench will not blow away easily.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trini Doctor Suspect in Michael Jackson's Death?

Was the King of Pop murdered? If so, who did? And what was the motive? More so, could Trinidadian Dr. Conrad Murray have done it? He was, after all the only person with Michael Jackson when he collapsed.

FBI and local police are probing a Manslaughter link in the singer's death. They raided Dr. Murray's Houston clinic for documents that may connect him to Jackson's death.

Naked Cowboy to Run for Mayor of New York


"Naked cowboy for Mayor of NYC," is his campaign song.

Commonly known as the naked cowboy, Robert John Burck strummed his guitar and sang his jingle as he launched himself as a contender for Mayor of New York City in Times Square, today. With his candidacy now official, he vowed to promote transparency in government and show people how to do more with less, if he should be elected to the City Council.

The naked man wearing a hat, a undie, a chain with a huge cross around his neck, boots and his guitar is sure to add some excitement to the upcoming election. He said his decision to run for Mayor will not prompt him to buy a new suit and outfit. "Not on the city's time," he stressed.
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